Review: Wrapped In Lace By: Prescott Lane

Review: Wrapped In Lace By: Prescott Lane
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Ohh Piper! A girl after my own heart! Set up numerous times, had a few bad relationships (we’ve all been there) but her track record and horrible dates that are described in the first pages are pretty funny only because they aren’t happening to us (although I could tell you some stories to rival those!) living in a small town nicknamed Christmas Town is a recipe for a exciting holiday read! I am a sucker for Hallmark Christmas movies and books with a Christmas theme, so this was right up my alley! I’ll take my romance with a splash of tinsel and gingerbread and some steamy times under the mistletoe please and thank you! 
So Piper meets Drew at all places this little run down dive bar in town after she has come off of another terrible date and he is just returning to town to give his Grandma a real family Christmas. Turns out there is all sorts of family drama in Drew’s family and that makes for a few heated exchanges and makes him feel like his time with Piper is the only bright spot to his return to town. And all through the book we get this sense like this is going to be a holiday to remember. 
Along with some hilerious hijinks from Piper’s best friend Sabrina (who by the reminds me eerily of my own best friend haha) this makes for a fantastic read to get you in the holiday spirit and perhaps a little hot under the collar as well 😉 it’s like coming home,

You feel like you belong in this town and it feels like you have known these characters for years. Could we please have a holiday movie made from this book because I need that in my life! I would definitely place this on my 12 days of Christmas Reads schedule and you should too! 


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