Review: Tequila Nights By: Melissa Jane

Review: Tequila Nights By: Melissa Jane
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This book is a hilerious, steamy read. Josie meets Leo when he is the male nude model for her drawing class (I know right! It gets better trust me!) and Josie gets a little on the distracted side and ends up almost choking and falling all over the place. (a girl after my own heart! I just thought I was a klutz) but sparks are flying while Leo is in the class and yes, still naked. Josie makes it through the class and back home and then learns that her friend has bought her Salsa dancing lessons for her birthday. Fate steps in and guess who is the instructor? 😉 more hijinks and adorable moments happen in the course of the rest of the book (and yes, some steamy bits as well! Because well I figured you inquiring minds wanted to know the lowdown on that) 
This is one of those books that you start in the morning and next thing you know it’s getting dark and you have a finished book, a crick in your neck from staring at your eReader and a new appreciation for lovely stories like this. I loved everything about this story, the funny cute parts, The heart wrenching parts, and all of the dancing and music it made for a perfect blend of romance and discovering who you are and the fact that you can find love in the most unexpected places. 


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