Review: Unexpected By:Jasmine Lee

Review: Unexpected (Skipping Stones #2) By: Jasmine Lee
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This book starts off with Emily trying to keep it all together raising her sons and being Supermom, dealing with trying to repair her broken relationship with her ex husband Connor. Still reeling after finding out he was having an affair and moving out they are trying to start over by living seperately and dating. Two wrongs don’t make a right since she has dated his cousin Travis. This situation is pretty complicated and difficult to navigate that’s for sure! 
Bringing up questions of forgiveness and if you do forgive can you rebuild trust once it has been broken, the answer in this case no, as nothing has changed. What was once broken could not be fixed and the rest of the book is about how Emily begins to define her life strictly on her terms the only problem is she’s not exactly sure what she wants. This leads James to have quite a few dust ups to where they try and define what they have going on when they both get a shock. 
At the beginning of the book I thought James was the good guy, in the middle I started disliking him. Yes, I get the woman is on again and off again but in the middle he’s kind of an asshat! Thankfully he sees the error of his ways and adjusts accordingly. (I always knew you were a good guy James!)  
These characters are pretty angsty and have real life problems but all in all it works out in the end. I thought this was a pretty good afternoon read, it was fast paced and there were some sections that seemed just smashed together and might have made more sense if they were a little more drawn out. It’s still an enjoyable read though. 


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