Review: Twisted Perception By: T.L. Smith

Review: Twisted Perception By: T.L. Smith 
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If you have read Degrade then you have met the Amazeballs force of nature that is Aria and Twisted a Perception is her story, we see her entire backstory and how she got started in her business. A lot of this story is told in Aria remembering events from the past and then gradually it transitions to present tense. 
This book like Degrade is full of dark themes so you have to leave your judgement at the door. It states right in the beginning that it was not a happy story and that you might end up hating the main character. While I didn’t agree with all her choices I do really like Aria. She is such a strong female character, she uses every trick in her arsenal to achieve her goals and who cares what the fallout is along the way. I’m not typically a fan of dark romance but these books are so well written that you can’t help but get sucked in and get intrigued with the story. With Degrade I had to set my Kindle down a few times and I wasn’t sure I could finish it. But with Twisted Perception was easier, I’m not sure why it seemed less threatening with the roles reversed where the woman was the one in power than it did in Degrade where it was the man who was mostly in control and that fact alone gave me a lot to think about as I was reading and even more after I finished. One might not think of these books as psychologically fascinating initially but as someone who has studied both psychology and sociology it made me think hardcore. I think that was a sneaky side effect that T.L planted in there 😉 
The closer we get to the end of the book the more we see her character evolve and Mika is a huge turning point for her. Not to give too much away but trust me there is a subtle shift in her character much like in Degrade: the powerful characters begin to change and we are locked in to see where the story goes. I really enjoyed this story, the writing is fresh, and the story hasn’t been told a hundred times, it got me to think outside the box. All in all I loved it! 


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