Review: Outside The Lines (A Rebel Hearts Novel) By: Emily Goodwin

Review: Outside The Lines (A Rebel Hearts Novel) By: Emily Goodwin
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This book is completely different from what i have been reading and it is like a breath of fresh air! Ben and Felicity are this amazingly refreshing couple, I love how gamer/ kinda geeky she is (and I totally need that R2-D2 tank top because that sounds like something I would wear!) he is this artistic but total kid at heart type of guy and it makes their relationship pretty hilerious since they aren’t afraid to be goofy with each other. 
From their first meeting (run in at a coffee shop and then a case of mistaken identity due to Felicity’s high school nemesis) the Sparks fly! Their first date hijinks at the mini golf course was adorable! Both of them are highly competitive and that made for a fun scene of comparing Go Karts to a game of Mario Kart (Much respect for bringing up cool retro games!) 
All throughout the rest of the book we get too see all the quirks of their relationship, a lot of steamy times, quite a bit of cosplay and other adorable moments. There are a lot of moments also that everybody who has been in those beginning stages of a relationship can relate to. The whole defining the relationship and are we or aren’t we exclusive talk, meeting the family. . . Etc.
I really enjoyed this book! Felicity is going to be one of my favorite characters of the year I’m sure! She’s quirky and different and somewhat unsure of herself but she is totally real and relatable and it feels like I’ve know her for years. 


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