Review: Command (Storm MC #7) By: Nina Levine

Review: Command (Storm MC #7) By: Nina Levine
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Having been a fan of this series for a while now I was extremely excited to get my hands on the continuation of Scott and Harlow’s story. It seemed like they had so many loose threads that needed tied up with another book and Nina has delivered her best yet! 
We see things get just about as bad as they can for our favorite MC and we finally get the full scope of the fall out from all the betrayal from Marcus. Even though he has been gone for a couple books now the effects of his master plan are just now being revealed and the guys definitely have their hands full! Scott makes the decision to call in extra help and that’s where we get hints of the next chapter of this series by getting introduced to new chapters of Storm. 


We also see how Scott and Harlow’s relationship has changed since they had a miscarriage and that is a journey that was amazing to see. They change, but somehow get stronger and we see even more why Scott Cole isn’t as big of a tough guy as he potrays. He truly is good as gold and one of my favorite characters in this series. With this book we finally come full circle and with the epilogue it’s bittersweet the ride we have taken with these characters for 7 books now. So while one chapter of Storm is closing we are no where near finished with this club and it’s going to be awesome to see how everything transitions! 
Another fantastic Nina Levine book! I would highly recommend this series and author if you are new to the MC romance genre because this is one of the best series of its type. It was my first journey into the MC romance genre and I can say if this series wasn’t as addictive as it is I don’t know if I would have ever started it. (My ex husband was in an MC and it kind of made me apprehensive to try the genre due to personal experience, but Nina’s writing made it okay for me to read about bikers who weren’t d-bags, so thank you for salvaging the genre Nina!) 


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