ARC Review: Love and Decay- Season 4: Episode 1

Review: Love and Decay Season 4: Episode 1 
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Ohhh the Parkers! How I’ve missed you so! Everything we love about our favorite zombie fighting family is front and center in the new season. The sibling squabbles, the fact that the men don’t want to face the fact that Page is not a little girl anymore and Reagan and Haley’s girl power, take no prisoners awesomeness (<3 those 2 hardcore!) We really have taken a journey with these characters and have seen them evolve and grow and yes make some mistakes over all the episodes of this series but I am loving where we are at right now. This was my first foray into serials when I started with Season 1 and now it’s one of my can’t miss parts of the week. Love and Decay day is put into the calendar on my phone and notifications are set (not that I’d need a reminder but it gives me a little zip when that notification pops up 24 hours before each release!) 
I have highlighted so many quotes from this series and Yep, this episode is no different! One of my favorites that made me stop and think was ” ” ” And the only other interactions I had were with Zombies. It was hard to judge what I was supposed to look like from their emaciated, decaying skeletons.” And I was like, hmm a positive aspect from the zombie take over! I guess because I had finished Perfectly Imperfect by Harper Sloan right before I started this one that body image issues were still on my mind but I was like if you had no media telling you what you should look like would that effect how people saw themselves and would they feel more or less comfortable with how they look? That’s one of the things I love about Rachel’s writing (making you stop and think and the fact that all the girls in this series are positive role models, they are not perfect and sometimes have self doubt but they rock their personalities!) 
Okay, now that we took a little off topic, let’s get to the good stuff! This episode had some nail-biting edge of your seat moments! Some aww moments and yes, a little romantic tension! (It wouldn’t be Love and Decay without some romantic tension am I right?) Ohh and some gory zombie goodness! It was a jam packed episode that’s for sure. You know with some serials the first episode just kind of introduces you to where you are picking the story up at and some basic info — nothing too intense. this episode has so much going on and it’s so intense that it makes me think this is gonna be a season that challenges everything we know and blows our mind. 
Also if you preorder (use the link at the top of this review!) you get Miller’s Creed! Which is basically this episode from his POV which i mean is a no brainer because who doesn’t want to know what is going on in Miller’s head! He’s so controlled and keeps his emotions bottled down that you wonder what is he thinking and what would it take to shake him up a bit 😉 but an added incentive to getting Miller’s Creed is you get to see exactly how events of the past still affect him and more insights into his personality. I love when we get lots of information on a character it helps create the picture I have of them and it makes the world that Rachel has built during this whole series much more realistic and full. She truly leaves nothing out so if there is something that you want to know just trust she will get to it! It may not happen as quick as you want but she is a master of timing, information is revealed at just the right time. 
Now that I’ve wrote a short essay on how Amazeballs this new season is gonna be I’ll leave you with just one thing. . . Welcome to your new obsession! 


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