Review: Forbid Me (A Good Ol’ Boys Novel) By: M. Robinson

Review: Forbid Me (A Good Ol’ Boys Novel) By: M. Robinson 
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Just when you thought a book couple couldn’t get any better than Lucas and his Half-Pint you get Lily and Jacob! (I loved Lucas and Alex’s story it was amazing and made them one of my all time favorite book couples, but now Lilly and Jacob have become my favorite) We knew from the end of Complicate Me that Jacob was gonna have some explaining involved haha (that’s putting it mildly!) but Forbid Me picks up almost exactly where Complicate Me ended, and we get to see what exactly was going on when Lucas found out his best friend and baby sister were more than just friends (and boy was it a doozy! Haha talk about AWKWARD!) 

Their relationship takes so many twists and turns that it is definitely necessary to make sure you double check the headings on the chapters to see if the chapter is dealing with the past or the present. I love how the story is told in a dual POV because I love to know what each character is thinking during each interaction. I think M does such a fantastic job of weaving in multiple POV’s and keeping the pace of the story going strong that it seems entirely natural that this is the only way to tell this particular love story. 
There are so many laugh out loud moments in this book much like Complicate Me, but I do love how Lily and Jacob get snarky with each other. Their reactions are lightning quick! He gets bossy, she gets defensive and sparks and hotness are flying all over the place! She even compares him to a certain executive with a penchant for girls who enjoy red rooms and ripped jeans 😉 haha but that doesn’t seem to thrill him. Because above all else! Jacob is definitely his own man and dosen’t like to be compared to others. He is single minded in his pursuit of Lily and that’s pretty adorable!
The closer we get the end of the book the more intense the emotions get and when Lilly finally gets Jacob to explain why he did what he did all those years ago we reach the pinnacle of this roller coaster ride of emotions! It’s heartbreaking, but it helps the entire story make sense trust me! So it’s not just M. ripping our hearts out needlessly haha it does have a point. You get to the end of the book and you find yourself smiling and saying “wow! What a ride” right when something unexpected happens! There is a bit of a cliffhanger but Lilly and Jacob’s story gets a resolution so the ending won’t make you scream in frustration! But you will be highly anticipating the next book in this series just to find out what happens next for some of our Good Ol’ Boys. 


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