Review: Sweet Bliss By: Helena Rac
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From the moment I started this I was like “this girl sounds like my kind of bestie!” (I also on occasion stay up too late reading and i have been busted by my fiancée in the morning scarfing down a slice of his red velvet birthday cake and calling it breakfast. So sue me!) but Helena understands us and wrote a heroine who is not perfect, she is not some airbrushed, one dimensional character. Tessa is a strong modern woman who I think resonates with a lot of us. 
Through a chance run in (literally!) she meets Luke — their first meeting was hilerious and their second some 10 months later makes everyone believe in fate. Well, okay fate with some hijinks thrown in for good measure. I love a good romantic comedy! Book or movie but books seem to get it right more often than not (not really surprising right?) this book was such a fun read! Even the secondary characters such as Tessa’s sister Clara and her boyfriend Marcus who just so happens to be Luke’s best friend are really interesting characters that have some interesting quirks and full personalities. 
I cannot wait to read more from this author! She has an excellent sense of putting just the right amount of comedy (not too much or like highly unlikely situations that could never happen. All of her comedic situations are definitely plausible) and just the right amount of romance which makes for a really awesome read!