Review: Sins and Sorrow By: Marion Croslydon

Review: Sins and Sorrow By: Marion Croslydon

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From the opening of this book I was immediately sucked in, really once I knew where the story opened –Culloden (Outlander
Addict right here!) so I knew we weren’t going to see Jamie Frasier anywhere but it was an intense historical time to set a story in so I was intrigued. This book is one of the better paranormal romances I have read this year. It has lots of mystery, a good old fashioned revenge plot, and the duality of a couple being on two different sides of the fence and the will they or won’t they tension. Not all of this story is set in the past and we see that within the first few chapters that Marie is now a student at St. Andrews University in Scotland and is currently trying to become close to the MacLeod twins. The children of the Hunter responsible for killing her husband and leading to her transition to becoming a vampire. She is making pretty good headway in making friends with Elizabeth but trying to get close to Gabe (who is close to being anointed as the next Hunter) is nearly impossible.

The blunt and burly rugby player can sense something is off with Marie but he just can’t pinpoint exactly what it is at first. I thought this was a fun, fast paced paranormal romance. It was set in a locale I already loved from previous other novels and the characters were really done. There were distinct and had specific arcs: they didn’t get muddled half way through, there was a defined line of each of their stories. The middle of the book gets really intense and that feeling goes throughout the rest of the novel leaving you almost breathless in the last few pages. I cannot wait to read more by this author in the future!


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