Review: Enticing The Weary Warrior By: Tammy Jo Burns

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I thought this book was a pretty awesome read. It sucks you right into the story and while I would have enjoyed knowing a little more of the backstory of this couple first before his return and seeing them living apart I think how it was written is exactly how the story is meant to be told as we do gradually see their past explained.

I liked Liam’s strength and determination he was such a strong character that I felt at times that he might be too much for Megan if she were not an equally strong character herself. She got used to living without him since he faked his death and has made her own way and experienced her own success. Them relearning how to exist in each others orbit make for an interesting element in this story that made me want to read long into the night just to see how they manage to work things out.

The historical background is from a rich and full time and I have been really enjoying all of the recent releases set in around this time period. It seems to be well researched and that goes to show the author’s dedication to providing us readers with a story that we can believe in. And not hit a wall thinking “umm. . . I’m pretty sure this event didn’t happen during this time” or fudging the events to suit the storyline.