Review: Bittersweet Reunion By: J.L. Berg

Review: Bittersweet Reunion – By: JL Beck

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In this massive collection you get all 5 of the amazing books in JL’s Bittersweet series ranging from High School all the way into adulthood! I love the journey this series takes and to get them all in one spot and for such a great price is a real treat for us readers who may have heard of this series but haven’t purchased all of the books.

The first novella was the only one that felt a little off to Me, It seemed like the situations and use of profanity just for the sake of using it made it more of a college situation instead of taking place in High School. I really liked the novella as a whole but that little fact made it difficult for me to believe in the story. The second story seems to go a lot better as far as realism so if you aren’t an instant fan of the series just hang on because it does get better!

You get invested in these characters and their lives and want to know more about what is going on with them. All through each of these stories you will find true friendship and love stories that while are not perfect they are truthful. I had read a couple of these previously but it was awesome to be able to binge read them all in one place because you experience the story more fully by going from one to the other without stopping.


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