Review: Illuminated Darkness By: Joanne Efendi

Review: Illuminated Darkness By: Joanne Efendi

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It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of both the New Adult Genre and the Paranormal genre but when I can combine 2 of my favorites it’s a good day! In Illuminated Darkness we get such a intriguing and a little complicated of a story (In a good way!) This is definitely a read to where you may have to flip back and reread certain parts as you discover some little secrets and events that while you can understand become more significant if you go back and make sure you have All the important information.

From the first chapter I was sucked into this story. It contains some new elements and situations that haven’t been done before (at least that I’ve read haha) but Ashlyn is such an amazing character. She is different than a lot of characters who are in High School and I really appreciated that about her, her strength of character probably comes from her rough upbringing (unfortunate as it is) and we really see that strength shine through the farther we get into the book. The beginning of the book is a little slow to pick up once we see Ash in the present day But it quickly picks up and once it does the action is unrelenting! Wren is the mysterious guy who always seems to be at the right place at the right time. (and is seriously a tough guy that you wouldn’t want to challenge. He would whip Edward Cullen’s backside!) but once Ashlyn learns the truth about who she is and What he is haha she is gonna love having someone like that in her corner. I really enjoyed this story all the way through! It kept me interested and it was the perfect length to where I didn’t leave the book feeling like it was rushed toward the end or that it went on for way too long.


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