Review: Royal Marriage Market By: Heather Lyons

Review: Royal Marriage Market By: Heather Lyons

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Not since Mia from the Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot has a comical story about a princess who doesn’t quite fit the perfect mold made such an impact! I adore this story. When I started the book and saw Elsa’ s name I thought “heaven help us if this turns into anything like Frozen!” ( I think I’m one of the few people who just didn’t care for that movie at all) but thankfully within the first few paragraphs I was giggling at Elsa’s shenigans and already in love with this book. It was by turns hilarious and heart warming and adorable. I truly expected no less from a Book that Heather writes. She has so many different layers to her talent as a writer and each layer is capable of giving us readers a Book that we want to curl up in the pages and stay there forever.

Elsa and Christian are probably my favorite book couple of the year. They have their hurdles to overcome to be together and boy are they quirky for royals! But they are extremely likable and relatable. Really they spend a lot of this book just fighting to do what the rest of us take for granted sometimes. To be in love with who you want to be with. Their journey is filled with drama and meddling from relatives and the ruling body who are trying to keep tradition alive. But like the characters say it’s the 20th century! Let’s turn things upside down and shake things up. I could easily see this book becoming the next big rom-com! (fingers crossed because I would definitely go see it and pre-order the blu-ray.)


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