Review: Break Me (TBX Series #1) By: Ashley Christin

Review: Break Me (TBX Series #1) By: Ashley Christin

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This was a pretty excellent New Adult read. It shows us the power of friendship between Brealynn and Kelsey (Two best friends who no matter what life throws at them they will get through it together) it also shows the tough side of love (when you find out your high school sweetheart is sleeping with your arch enemy! The popular girl who makes everybody’s life miserable unless you run in her crowd.) but now Brea is single and ready to mingle!

We start to see a different side of her character once she sets her sights on Colt. Which makes their random run in at the coffee shop during the moving in process for the new semester that much more interesting. We also get chapters from Colt’s POV and I love when authors do that! Because you get a totally different perspective on the same events. At the party there is a scene that is very remisicent of a scene from Beautiful Disaster and Black Number Four and ends with things not working out quite like they thought it was going to.

I thought that this was an interesting set up that did remind me a lot of a Jamie McGuire novel with a little but different twist with the whole pro BMX rider thing. But it’s a sport I did not know a whole lot about and so it made it an interesting read for me. I am really looking forward to book 2 in this series to see what characters pop back up and What new stories we see. This was my first read by Ashley and I know it will not be my last!


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