Review: Big Rock By: Lauren Blakely

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Okay so if the cover or the extremely well known author name on the front of this book does not draw you in (we cannot be friends! Just kidding 😉 but seriously what’s wrong with you!?) the story will lure you in all on it’s own. While I have read a couple of Lauren’s other books this one has got to be my absolute favorite. Spencer is the guy you love to read about and his shenigans during the course of this book beg for a movie to be made.

Sure, it’s a little raunchy (duh! Again did you see the cover?) but it’s such a fun romp of a read. Spencer reminds me of a more suave version of Schmidt from New Girl. I thought at first he was going to be arrogant and disrespectful and generally a creep and the guy who ordinarily I would throat punch but he is a pretty awesome character. He’s self-assured and cocky but he respects women and we see that right from the start with his friendship with Charlotte. After making a promise to his dad Spencer comes up with a brilliant plan haha so he thinks! And everything esclates rather quickly from there.

Charlotte is just as quirky as Spencer is and of course since they are buddies she is on board with his plan. But gradually their relationship becomes something to where the lines are blurred between faking it and the real thing (in more ways than one!)