Review: All Is Calm All Is Bright By: Colleen Coble

Review: All Is Calm All Is Bright (Two Christmas Novellas) By: Colleen Bible

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In this adorable collection we get to visit 2 of the locales that are my favorite of Colleen’s novels (The Bluebird Ranch and Hope Beach) In the first novella All Is Calm we get Lauren and Brendan’s story. Lauren had attended the ranch as a child so she had a history there and saw it as a safe haven to come back to when she is framed for a crime and her life is threatened. While there she meets Brendan who is visiting Rick his old military buddy and becomes embroiled in the endeavour of clearing Lauren’s name. I really enjoyed this story and always love stories about ranch life since it’s my dream to live on one someday haha. There are Some twists and turns to this short story and I think you guys will enjoy where everything ends up when the chips fall.

In the second novella All Is Bright we return to Hope Beach and see the story of Delilah and Tom! While this is a change of pace from the peaceful country feel of the first story it is still one of Colleen’s best. At the beginning a mysterious stranger runs Delilah off the road leading to her almost being unable to escape her vehicle after she falls off the cliff and into the ocean. Tom gets involved as the sherriff of Hope Beach and tries to solve the mystery of who wants Delilah dead. There is so much going on in this story — a wedding, Christmas, Finding family and discovering love. It makes for a fun and exciting read. I love the sense of urgency of the mystery that Colleen sets up in each of these stories and it makes you have to keep reading just to discover who is behind each of these mysteries that are swirling around each of these ladies. I found these a fantastic holiday read!


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