Review: For The Love Of Ash (For The Love #1) By: Taylor Lavati

Review: For The Love Of Ash (For The Love #1) By: Taylor Lavati

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I discovered Taylor’s books earlier this year and I love them so much! So when I saw that she had a series with a sports theme I was all over it..( Sports Romances are my new favorite genre and have been since I read Pucked haha) in For The Love Of Ash though it has a bit of a sports theme but the meat of the story is the relationship between Maggie and Ash. She becomes his guardian after their parents are killed in an accident and they are both having somewhat of a difficult time readjusting to their new reality. While beginning a new year of school Ash has a gym teacher (who happens to be trying to adjust to a new role himself transitioning from party good time guy to a gym teacher just trying to make a difference) who takes notice of him and leads him into the solace that sometimes only playing sports can provide. By a twist of fate Luke is also attending the same school as Maggie trying to get his Master’s Degree while being a full time teacher. 

The scenes where Luke is with his family are pretty intense and make you really feel for his character and see why he is the way he is about wanting to make a difference in the lives of his students and support them by not just teaching them the rules of dodgeball but by listening them and being someone they can talk to. Maggie and Asher also did not have a fantastic home life while their parents were alive and I think that is why she is so determined to be a better role model for Asher and always spend quality time with him.

There are so many moments that triggered my aww reflex but definitely my favorites are the first practice where Luke has to drive them around and the Halloween scene where they are dressed up as the Guardians of the Galaxy. Epicly cute everyone, let me just say! It’s moments like these that make you want to binge read until you get to the end and want more. . . So I did! (muahahahaha!) I loved this book from start to finish. These characters are not perfect but they don’t have to be. No one really is! They are realistic and true and just trying to do better than their parents did before them. You can’t ask anything other than that as far as excellent characters to read about.


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