Review: Love and Decay Revolution: Episode 3 By: Rachel Higginson

Review: Love And Decay – Revolution: Episode 3 By: Rachel Higginson

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In this episode we finally see Page trying to win her family over with her plan to return to America. It’s a very uphill battle because there are people who get her logic and those who are fighting against it because of the risk it presents. I get where both sides are coming from on this debate and it makes for an interesting conflict in a typically tight knit family unit. Near the beginning we also get an awesome moment where Page loses her hero worship for Reagan and Haley and it really brings her character to the next level of growing up and maturing I think. She realizes that they are not actually in fact superheroes and that they are human and experience fears that sometimes they fight and get over and sometimes they let fear keep them from action. (To be fair I still think that even though they get scared they are still superheroes but I have been a huge Reagan and Haley supporter from the beginning, being scared in these situations is NORMAL! If they did not show fear it would be a disservice to their characters in my opinion.) but the discussion it raises about being blind to injustice and giving in to apathy is as relevant in current events today as it is in the zombie apocalypse.

We also get more of our favorite comedic moments to bust up the serious tone and they come from Hendrix’s dry brand of humor. Haha ( anyone else dig in to these episodes just to see what snarky one-liners Hendrix comes up with?) for example in this episode he calls Reagan an vengeful she-demon and totally means it in a complimentary way. Now granted she wasn’t around when he called her that (probably safest for him!) then later on Reagan relives her cheerleading days in a funny moment with Tyler and Page and Harrison. Its these little moments that come right out of nowhere but are Some of the most memorable each episode. And ones that make the discussion group buzz.

While this episode wasn’t quite as intense as the previous episode (thank goodness! Because if they were all that intense I would need a psych eval) it does bring about some game changers for our favorite family. All in all I totally love this episode for all the changes it represents. Episode 3 has it all!


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