Review: Raising John By: Jennifer Lesher

Review: Raising John By: Jennifer Lesher

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This story follows a group of people both before and after a tramautic event. We see the aftermath of poor decision making (not only the decisions that lead up to a young mother’s death but all the decisions her family had made before hand) the switching between present and past took me a while to get used to because you would get times where it was one chapter in the past then 3 in the present and then maybe 2 in the past and 1 in the present. At some points it made me feel like I was just hitting the stride of keeping up with the past and then all of a sudden I’m yanked into the present. Its a really interesting story though. It was awesome to see how all of these little moments lead to this larger defining moment not just for Robert but also for Mary and John and the other characters we see along the way.

When I first read the synopsis for this book They called it a saga of a family and it truly is. Its one of those books that stretch way back into the history of a family and you are exactly how events that happened in the past directly influence events in the present and even in the future. Robert gets the time to learn about himself due to being in prison and how things have changed When you are taken out of the life you knew and you have to rebuild who you are within this new reality. We see this same learning experience a few times in the story. Mary and Barbara both have this realization that they need to change their realities and break free. Its a long journey so when you start this book you might want to prepare! There are Some tough issues also dealt with which make this not a rainbows and unicorns all is happiness but I do promise you this it is An beautiful story.


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