Review: House Of Ravens (Nightfall Chronicles #2) By: Karpov Kinrade

Review: House Of Ravens (The Nightfall Chronicles) By: Karpov Kinrade

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Picking up where the Court Of Nightfall left off House of Ravens begin with some changes to Scarlett’s routine! Early morning training sessions,a new rather mysterious roommate and some rather intense classes sure do put a crimp in her superhero game! But in typical Scarlett fashion she is just rolling with it and trying to keep ahead of injustice and the authorities who would love to put her down for her nightly activities and rebellious nature.

The stakes get even higher when we learn who exactly is Scarlett’s roommate and who She is related to! In addition to everything going on in the castle we learn  King Varian is on his way to the city to wage war against Nightfall and her cohorts. We get a lot of pretty intense scenes following their first confrontation and even more during the course of the book.

Scarlett also makes some headway in bringing about people to her cause for fair treatment and we begin to see her excel in her training at the Castle. Some areas she has to rely on others experience but it just shows her potential as a leader. Being a strong leader that people can look up to is not knowing everything, it’s knowing when something is  not your strongest area and finding someone who is talented in that area and utilizing their experience for the betterment of your cause. Scarlett and Nightfall both experience this in different ways during the course of the story.

Scarlett also has some nice moments with Jax and we really see their relationship change now that he is able to reveal some of the secrets and what was really happening during her childhood. It grows and gets stronger and there are hints that it could be something more at some point.  then Prince Kai comes into the picture that there is no doubt that they work well together and we see that another strong male character can interact with Scarlett and that she can rely on more than one person.

I really enjoy this series as it is pure intense escapism. The situations are always new and fresh in this world and we get lots of exciting situations that keep us locked in to the story and wanting to see what happens to our favorite characters next.


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