Review: Night Of Nyx (Nightfall Chronicles # 2.25) By: Karpov Kinrade.

Review: Night Of Nyx (Nightfall Chronicles # 2.25) By: Karpov Kinrade

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While this story is a short novella taking place during some of the events of House Of Ravens I think it is a can’t miss in the series. It gives us a secondary POV from Zorin that I think is much needed. We see his wedding that is only hinted about in House Of Ravens, but we also see his journey from being on his own to meeting up with Scarlett/Nightfall.

We also get the story of exactly what happened between Nyx and King Varian which I think is pretty important. Even though this is all dealt with in House Of Ravens up to a point it’s extremely nice to see all of these events from some one who has been there from the beginning such as Zorin.

We also get a smidge of new information from this novella which is nice (just in case you guys who are thinking this is a throwaway novella written just to bring in more money there is some New information that was not in the 2 previously released full length novels.) I hate the way people automatically disregard books from a alternate POV just because they contain most of the same information from a previously released story. Yes, some of it is the same. But everybody does not experience the exact same event in the exact same way. And there is always some New nugget of information to be gleaned. So for me this novella holds the same weight as the other full length novels. I think Zorin is one of my favorite characters in the series and he definitely deserves a story told from his POV. He has a lot to add to the mythology of the Nightfall Chronicles. and for me it’s good to see him have his moment in the spotlight. The ending of This novella will leave you wanting the next installment immediately so be warned on that One!


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