Review: Phenomenal X (Hard Knocks #1) By: Michelle A Valentine

Review: Phenomenal X (Hard Knocks #1) By: Michelle A. Valentine

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From the first moment they lock eyes Anna and Xavier’s chemistry is palpable! She is trying to leave behind a controlling father who is trying to force her to live this bland life and she is yearning to break free and discover everything life has to offer. Then she notices a stranger who sparks her interest. The flight becomes abuzz when it’s discovered that he is the pro wrestler Phenominal X. Xavier offers her a seat next to him in first class after her seat mate in Coach spills tomato juice all over her. This begins a tension filled flight and some charged banter back and forth.

There is more to X than meets the eye and we begin to see different sides to his character as his friendship with Anna progresses . He has a lot of layers and walls built around him and we only get hints of how his past currently affects how he interacts with people until we are almost halfway through the book then the POV changes switching to Xavier’s childhood and events told from his POV. I really liked how Michelle handled the change and made it just a natural progression.

Every thing begins to fall into place for Xavier and Anna and It’s not a perfect road. (sometimes X goes all caveman and Then other times he freezes her out . . .) But everything comes to a intense ending of the book! I’m so glad I waited to read this book when I could go right in to book 2 because that cliffhanger! But this is such an awesome book! It was new and exciting to me (yes,  I freely admit I got  addicted to watching WWE a few years ago so it was interesting to see a behind the scenes look at what happens before the cameras roll)


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