Review: Love And Decay Revolution – Episode 4 By: Rachel Higginson

Review: Love And Decay Revolution- Episode 4 By: Rachel Higginson

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This episode is awesome! We get a little bit of a shift with King being the narrator of the story instead of Page and I loved seeing things from his POV. We often wonder what is going through his head and if he would ever settle down like Hendrix and Nelson even though he fights against it and says he doesn’t need anyone.

We also learn that the Parkers are already a few months into their journey back to the States and they reach the first of their major challenges. Returning to the scene of one of the most heartbreaking moments for their family. Rehashing what happened to Vaughan is so emotional. Not only for the characters but for the reader if they have been following this series from the beginning. (this is where I feel sorry for the people who just started reading the series this season. They have no idea the impact Vaughan had on his family and all of the moments where he was the strong father figure, where he loved Tyler and bickered with her constantly just to keep her safe and show her he cared, how he was a good man for Miller to look up to.)

We see echoes of how Vaughan affected everyone even now though and that is his lasting legacy. We also get a new character and she is AMAZING! I love Joss’s character and the insta love she has with King just goes to show that once you know you know. As King says it felt like God reached down and smacked him in the back of the head and opened his eyes. It was just an adorable part of the story. All in all even though it was a change in the story I really enjoyed the change up and I hope that later in the season we see episodes from some of the other brothers too. Especially to figure out what is going on with Harrison and Adela! Something is amiss with them and I am dying to know if they will ever get themselves together and figure out if there is something worth fighting for. Big things ahead for the Parkers!


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