Release Week Blitz& Review Love and Decay Revolution – Volume One By: Rachel Higginson

Review: Love And Decay Revolution- Volume One By: Rachel Higginson

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Putting the jam packed first four episodes in this box set is a dream come true for those readers who cannot take the wait in between episodes and like to wait to have a few episodes to binge on all at one time. Personally I can go either way on this one in my Love and Decay collections of the previous seasons it’s a mix of single episodes and Then I still end up purchasing the season box sets as well. (typically I leave the single episodes on my Kindle where there is more storage space and I keep the box sets on my phone so I can have my Love and Decay fix while I’m on the go!)

This season is great for those new to the series and diehard fans alike! Those new to the series do not have to have extensive knowledge of the previous 3 seasons and everything from the past is explained. But I like how concise Rachel is about giving the information and not taking up too much of the story rehashing the past instead of giving a new section of the storyline for us who have devoured the 3 seasons before this one.

Our favorite comdic moments are present as well as the love stories (because it wouldn’t be Love And Decay without some angsty insta love stories) the family before all creed is also in full effect and even though this world is all that Page knows we see her family reminding her of how things used to be and what they all hope will be once again — at least to a point. They fight every day to just have a safe place to call home and raise their families and to be able to secure enough food and supplies for everyone to be healthy and happy.


Love and Death: Revolution: Volume 1 Synopsis:

It’s not easy being a badass Zombie killer. But somebody’s got to do it.

Page Parker grew


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