Review: Xavier Cold (Hard Knocks #2) By: Michelle A. Valentine

Review: Xavier Cold (Hard Knocks #2) By: Michelle A. Valentine

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Picking up exactly where Phenomenal X left off we see how Xavier and Anna are dealing with the aftermath of his meltdown on Tension involving Rex. After much discussion and some hefty fines X learns that he is suspended for 3 months leaving him and Anna without a plan except to return to Detroit and the place that still inspires nightmares for Xavier. His grandmother’s house! I had chills when I read the chapter where he agreed to move back in there because I knew for his character that it was going to cause a lot of psychological trauma for him and possibly test his and Anna’s new romance.

Glimpses of Xavier’s past are encroaching upon his new life and he is soon made an unwilling part of Bishop’s business once again despite breaking free of the criminal enterprise years previously. Putting his safety and Anna’s at risk. Things esclate until They have to be apart for a while and that part of the story is extremely hard to take, but very important to the story line! I really enjoyed the back and forth journey Xavier and Anna take in this story. In book one is was almost a little too Insta Love. But in this story we see them fuss and try to work things out and it makes them much more like a regular couple. The ending of the story gives you everything you want and more. And I love how these two books work off of each other.


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