Review: Deathless and Divided (The Chicago War #1) By: Bethany-Kris

Review: Deathless and Divided (The Chicago War #1) By: Bethany-Kris

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This was a fun quick read in the Mafia genre. Ever since I picked up Elite By Rachel Van Dyken this genre has been one of my favorites as far as romance novel tropes and this book is a excellent addition to the genre. Lilly is this tough character and despite being born into this life and all the dangers and rules she has been out of it for quite sometime attending school and traveling. When all of a sudden she is summoned back to Chicago by her brother Dino. Lilly gives us the outsider looking in POV and through her we experience all the rules and traditions and inner workings of La Cosa Nostra or The Mafia.

She locks eyes with Damian and she’s intrigued and a little hot and bothered. (this moment occurs at Mass of all places!) But their first face to face interaction is at a family gathering to welcome her back to town. Someone let’s it slip that Lilly is supposed to be entering into an arranged marriage with Damien and Then the sparks really fly! Lilly is angry and understandably so! But this is a perfect example that the harder you fight against fate the harder you fall and this book becomes all about the romance developing between these two as a mob war begins to esclate.

Bethany is a new to me author but this is definitely one to watch! Her storylines are complex and engrossing. Once you start you can’t stop! Starting a new series is one of the most difficult things I would imagine and to hope it does well. Some authors struggle with this but Bethany knocks it out of the park with this one. I cannot wait to see where this story goes next.


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