Review: Reckless and Ruined (The Chicago War #2) By: Bethany-Kris

Review: Reckless and Ruined (The Chicago War #2) By: Bethany-Kris

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Book two in this awesome mafia series revolves around Alessa and Adriano. We saw a little of their characters in book one and I was really hoping they would get their own book since there seemed to be a story there that needed to be told! Adriano is different from most of the guys in the Outfit, he wants to know what Alessa has to say and encourages her to speak up and demand respect. In the Outfit women are expected to be seen and not heard in a way.

Tensions are esclating between the families after a drive by shooting leads to the murder of Adriano’s mother and his father is working on a plan for retaliation that may topple both families. Adriano is trying to keep things calm and to make sure that Alessa is safe. It gets to be a very Romeo and Juliet kind of story where they want to be together despite all the tensions and what their families think. I like Adriano and Alessa together more than Lily and Damien from the first book (their story was really good and a solid introduction to this series But book 2 definitely has a different sense of urgency and the stakes just keep getting higher)

I experienced a lot of emotions during reading this book. Everytime we see Dean I felt like I needed a shower — he gives you the ick factor. I got little up in arms about all the arranged marriage talks. I get that’s how things are regulated and truces are made and it’s important for peace. And like Alessa says at Damien and Lily’s wedding It worked in their favor but most of the time it does not for the woman. And all of the women are cringing once they get over eighteen because then they are eligble to be married off to a rival family for a myriad of reasons. I even Got the warm fuzzies at times. So yes this was a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride for me haha. But I did enjoy every minute.


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