Review: The Killing Season (Fear University #2) By: Meg Collett

Review: The Killing Season (Fear University #2) By: Meg Collett

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In this newest adventure we see our favorite characters heading into danger once more with their old foe the ‘swangs. Still reeling from the attacks during the Fields Ollie and Sunny, Luke and Hatter are trying to find their stride as far as their new reality in Barrow staying at the base that Luke’s parents maintain. The Killing Season is about to be in full swing and you can feel the tension seeping through the pages from the very beginning of the story.

There is a sense of urgency definitely during the beginning of the story that continues throughout the rest of the novel. It seems a little darker than Fear University which I actually enjoyed. These characters have a lot at stake. Ollie has to keep her possible hybrid life hidden except for a select few who know.  Luke has these family obligations, and they aren’t the only ones (you’ll see 😉 promise!)

We also get to meet a few new characters during the course of this book as well. Extending the world this book inhabits beyond the bounds of Fear University. My favorites are Bloody Eve and Peg Coldcrow’s Uncle Tex they add a new flair to the story. Eve is so intense and just a strong alpha female. At first she kind of makes Ollie feel threatened when it comes to Luke but Ollie makes Luke promise to not mess around with Eve at any point even if he has been bitten. They have a interesting heart to heart after he returns from the first night of the hunt and it was a good moment for them getting back to how they used to be at the University.

There are many secrets and hidden agendas going on all around and it seems like everybody is involved with keeping something hidden from someone else. And it becomes difficult to tell who is being honest and who is just looking out for their family or self interest. All the storyline weaving together just goes to show that Meg has totally got complete mastery of the genre and It all comes to one dramatic point and the end will leave you with your jaw on the floor and trying to catch your breath. I love this series so much!


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