Review: Black By: TL Smith

Review: Black By: T.L. Smith

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One chance meeting at the park between 2 teenagers and a unorthodox relationship begins. Black (Liam)  is walking through the park and sees this girl he has seen around school, a lonely girl. He doesn’t have time to stop to talk to her as he is late for a meeting but he does anyway. The tug of wanting to connect with someone, anyone who can stop the pain. And for a brief moment while they are swimming they transcendent their damaged existence. But all too soon reality sets in and things will never be the same for Rose and the man they call Black.

She calls him her savior, and that is the last thing most would call a man who does the dirty work of the criminal element. He tortures and disposes of anyone for the highest bidder. He meets up with Rose years later by chance at the local MC’s clubhouse after she has endured unspeakable acts. She is now using drugs as a way to escape the pain she endured. Black helps her escape her addiction and gives her money to make a new start.

Except he just can’t stay away and through a twist of fate their paths cross once more. And the question becomes can 2 broken people become whole again? Or will their relationship destroy them both. Going in to this book I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. I had previously read 2 of T.L. ‘s other books and so I was expecting something along those lines but this book While dark is beautiful in it’s own way, the journey these two characters take in trying to overcome their past is like night and day by the time we get to the end. I really enjoyed this story, it’s unorthodox and graphic and at times violent but there is hope for better times ahead.


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