Review: Hard Ride (Slayers MC #2) By: Tara Oakes

Review: Hard Ride (Slayers MC #2) By: Tara Oakes

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Jumping in where First Ride left off we are seeinBg first hand the aftermath of the cops trashing the clubhouse looking for anything they can pin on the MC. Dawson is having a bit of a grumpy moment and the sea of leather wearing bikers parts as he storms around trying to figure out how to deal with the latest threat to the club. They have taken the daughter of the president of a rival club hostage in order to keep the peace in town. So far it’s working out okay but there have been some close calls and the sparks flying between Chase and Caterina are giving us a precursor of how spicy their relationship is going to be.

She thinks she knows how life Is for him and he thinks he knows how life Is for her but what they begin to learn is that they really know nothing about each other and have more in common then they originally thought. All of this discovery is happening alongside trying to inflitrate Caterina’s father’s empire and still protect their own. The Slayers definitely have their hands full. The story between Chase and Caterina is one that has been told before but Tara gives us some twists and turns to make this typical MC romance trope fresh and exciting.


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