Review: Never Trust a Saint (Los Santos Cartel #1) By: Melissa Jane

Review: Never Trust a Saint (Los Santos Cartel #1) By: Melissa Jane

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Just when Nina Cross thinks she is at the top of her game career wise as one of the top agents in the F.B.I’s Money Laundering and Fraud division along with her partner they both attend a charity gala and from the minute they enter the room something triggers her response that something is not quite right. Their boss says they have a new case to work, her partner is acting kind of shifty and just who is that mystery man that seems to know so much about her? This book has a thrill a minute opening! The tension is palpable and once you begin the first few pages you are drawn into a story fraught with mystery and intrigue, danger and deception all rolled up into one beautifully dangerous set of characters.

That is one of the things I love about Melissa’s writing. It is all encompassing and draws you right in to the story by making these characters irresistible. Impossible to ignore in many ways haha. I first found her books when I read Tequila Nights and while this is a much darker storyline it is no less powerful of a story. Its easily cinematic and I could easily see this being turned into the next big budget action blockbuster! The stakes get higher after a event demolishes her trust in those she thought she could trust and she heeds a warning to go on the run. Getting help from some unlikely sources she investigates a set of events that lead a war between 2 rival cartels to escalate and finally reveals the identity of her mystery man.


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