Review: Palm South University: Season One Box Set By: Kandi Steiner

Review: Palm South University: Season One Box Set

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I could not get enough of the characters in Black Number Four! So naturally when I seen there was going to be a serial series there was a happy dance of epic proportions! So let’s get to the good stuff! These episodes follow some of our favorite characters and give us so much more of a fuller slice of life for the students at PSU and the Greek life. The shenigans are sort of partly stereotypical college stuff, partying and whatnot but what I love about how Kandi writes these stories is she humanizes these characters. Sure they make mistakes but nobody is perfect! They are people just trying to figure out who they are and what They want out of life. Some of them are ruthless at going for it and you have to love that about them and then you have others who just want to hide their true self away and put on a fake persona that is a lot easier to deal with.

In these episodes you totally get a feel like these could easily become a Netflix original (not tv because they don’t let you do anything fun anymore 😉 but Netflix now there you wouldn’t get all the good stuff edited out!) And there are some quite steamy scenes in these episodes! In Florida the temperature isn’t the only thing that’s hot. So a quick run down is — Episode one (Sets everything up introduces us to the characters just in case you haven’t already read BN4, and gives us a little more background information on some of the secondary characters) — Episode Two haha well let’s just day Jess gets a shocking surprise on the first day of class which leads to some emergency meetings for Jess to get some MUCH needed advice from her sisters at the Sorority house. There are some more moments with Sky and Bear and we really see their friendship as a almost brother/sisterly kind of thing and it’s these moments of levity that help us get through the difficult parts of his trouble with his family. I totally relate to family issues so I know how good it is to just have that one person to decompress with and who knows when to push you to talk and when to just let you think things over. And that is totally Bear and Sky! –Episode Three brings to light some of the secrets that are floating around PSU like a beer in a cooler full of half melted ice! Lei’s secret is not what I thought it was! But she is totally one of my favorite characters in the serial definitely! It was a twist I didn’t see coming and that is definitely something you can expect from this series. Sky made a pledge to start ferreting out secrets and it leads to a blow up! This is one of the more intense episodes of the season. — Episode Four the roommate drama between Paris and Cassie comes to a conclusion. And some pretty dramatic things start happening! Bear and Sky have some resolution and it’s good to see them back to besties mode. Halloween is in full force and hilarity ensues I love all the descriptions of the costumes (to me attention to detail is everything in these scenes!) — Episode Five Jess and Cassie both have some decisions to make and semi formal is looming large and setting the stage for the final episode of the season. We really see Lei’s progression in this episode and she finally stands up for herself and semi formal will never be the same! For a variety of reasons but let’s just say that no one throws a formal like PSU’s Greek life. — Episode Six *insert dramatic music here!* the big season ender we see the aftermath of decisions made the night of semi formal and brings us up to where Black Number Four begins. I love this entire season and it helps me understand how things go the way they do in BN4. You knew in that book there was one heck of a backstory for each of these characters and now we know!


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