Review: Ink & Lies By: S.L. Jennings

Review: Ink & Lies By: S.L. Jennings

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So going in to this book I litterally knew nothing about the story, I fell in love with the cover. It was beautiful like a work of art and sort of reminded me of that blurry dreamlike quality of B.L. Berry’s Love Abstract cover. So I just went with it! You guys. . .  I have no words right now. From the first page I was intrigued with the story, the writing and how the characters are structured is lyrical and poetic and gritty (Never really knew all those things could go so well together but here we are!) this is a story about a writer and how they end up living their plot twist. And oh yeah they take us along for the ride.

The prologue (yes, just the prologue will take you on all sorts of emotional outbursts) and the chapters afterward will make you experience the best parts of reading, you become immersed in their world. You laugh with these characters, you dream with these characters and sometimes you want to just crack open a beer and commiserate with them because there are some situations that suck. Some tough moments. But it is such a beautiful story. It has some of my favorite elements (i am a sucker for a friends to lovers trope!) the hero is smart, a lot sarcastic and a little snarky. And Fiona? She takes none of his nonsense and she can get through to him like only a best friend can! (who else but your best friend can you say something totally snarky too and have them not be offended but take it as a challenge to be snarky right back but still take your thinly veiled advice am I right?)

This story is a love story about them, but it is also a love story for us bookworms. I think I have highlighted over 50 passages in this book because the words these passages contain spoke to me it’s like finally! Someone dug around in my head and found the words for that which I could not communicate on my own! The passion which we gather together and chat about books with our friends and those quiet moments where we would rather hide away and let the waves of emotions over take us and read our favorite passages to anyone who will listen. Yes, this is our story too.


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