Review: Soulless By: Kelly Martin

Review: Soulless By: Kelly Martin

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Picking up where Heartless left off we get another part of Gracen’s story. As a quick refresher Gracen has been tormented in her dreams by a demon named Hart for years, she had been taking medicine to keep him at bay and for a while It worked great but then all of a sudden he’s back and he’s brought friends. What occurs after this is a supernatural thrill ride that will make you want to sleep with the light on (or since you stayed up all night reading Heartless 😉 take a nap somewhere sunny where there are no shadows) Back to Soulless! — Gracen is having a little trouble reconciling what she now knows with her new reality and what she really wants to do. So, basically what everyone going through the first couple years of college feels but with huge stakes. . . things like the safety of the world is at stake right now (you know, no big deal or anything! Psh) and the one person who is right by her side is Hart (Still in his Sam suit)

Figuring out the the rules as they go along Hart and Gracen try to navigate the impossible task of saving the world, trying to keep Gracen from going dark, and a little rescue mission. The switch in how Gracen and Hart interact from the first book to the second is very intriguing! They go from snarky to almost couple-ish. I think my favorite snarky passage is ” Lots of ugly things I don’t even want to think about. The laughter won’t stop. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost whatever’s left of my mind. “I’m sorry?” I laugh through the tears. I can barely see between the tears and the black eyes. Black eyes are a pain. Good to know. “That’s what I said. I’m sorry.” I laugh harder. “Have you finally gone crazy? Cause you picked a fine time. Guess it fits the world, though.”

The Deal with the visions Gracen keeps experiencing where they are wearing older style clothing (she describes it as Walton esque haha) give us an interesting addition to an already complicated relationship. Everything collides all at one time leading to one intense spellbinding ending! The pacing of this story was a little slower than Heartless and I think it needed to be. The faster pace of Heartless suited the story more the danger and the not being able to tell what’s a dream and what is reality it kept you off track. But there is so much more personal relationship stuff in this that I think giving it the time it deserved made for a better pace for this part of Gracen’s story.


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