Review: Carry You Home (Carry Your Heart #2) By: K. Ryan

Review: Carry You Home (Carry Your Heart #2) By: K. Ryan

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Picking up where the amazing Book 1 left off we get to see the conclusion of Caleb and Isabelle’s story. There is still a heavy MC influence in this story which if you have read book one — Carry Your Heart you should not be surprised about. . . if you haven’t read book one then I’m going to tell you to go back and catch up because these are not standalone novels (that and book one is amazing and therefore deserves a gander) Just when you think everything is cruising right along for Isabelle and Caleb — they have each other, he is trying to fix the issues with the club, she is working on her art. Life all of a sudden flips the switch and throws them a curveball. Both personally and in club dealings! Them trying to deal with this shift makes up the basis of this story.

I love seeing the next step between this couple. Things aren’t easy (life never is!) and this story takes some twists and turns. I think that is one of the strengths of this series is how realistic and personable these characters are. Real life = real problems and You want to know more about them, their successes feel like our own and when they are having issues we want to stand up and fight for them. We also learn that like any organization the club is vulnerable from betrayal within and all that internal strife takes it’s toll.

But like a Phoenix out of the ashes there is some rebuilding to become stronger and better than before. With the ups and downs Caleb and Isabelle go through you can’t help but wipe away a tear a time or two during the course of this story. When you look at what genres this book is listed in (at least on Amazon) you see that family saga is one of them and its true. With both of these books in this series we get a sweeping look of the lives of these 2 people, the big moments and the quiet ones that are beautiful all the same.  The passage of time is always noted and thankfully K.  gives us the amount of time that has passed instead of leaving it up to us to figure out. The closer we get to the end of the novel the more intense the story gets and then once we get to the epilogue we get blissful resolution. With this book K. has given us readers the complete package!


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