Review: Deep Trouble (A MacKenzie Family Worlds Novella) By: Kimberly Kincade

Review: Deep Trouble (MacKenzie Family Worlds Novella) By: Kimberly Kincade

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Kylie and Devon’s story is one of my all time favorite Kimberly Kincade reads! I first started reading Kimberly’s books after chatting with her during a online book release party on Facebook and realized I had a soul sister in her with her love of really awesome shoes haha. Since then I have picked up her books and laughed and cried with her characters. When it was announced that she was going to be taking on one of the MacKenzie World novellas I knew it was going to be one to pick up as soon as possible. (how could it get any better than Kimberly’s talent in writing and combine it with the setting we have come to love from Lilliana Hart I ask you!) the answer is it doesn’t this novella has it all. A little mystery, some intrigue and yes some steamy alpha goodness 😉 Kylie has made it on to my favorite heroines of all time list. She is the perfect mix of no-nonsense strong female character she is no wilting delicate woman she is tough! Probably has to do with her brother being an ex-Army Ranger and trying to teach her survival skills. So after her life is threatened who does she call? That’s right! Big bro Kellan, he is unable to come to her rescue until nightfall so he sends the next best thing to Kylie — Devon Randolph! An old friend who is more than capable of protecting Kylie until the threat that Xavier poses is past (if they don’t bicker each other to death first!)

Devon makes one heck of a first impression as he shows up to find Kylie haha and you knew it was meant to be. They have spent one night around each other when Devon was hanging out with Kellan and half their team on R &R and neither of them have forgotten each other. But bro code states “Thou shall not tool around or lust after your bro’s little sister” so Devon tries to think PG13 thoughts but soon realizes that temptation is too difficult to fight off 😉

The thing that the MacKenzie books are known for is danger, mystery and steamy times. And in Deep Trouble we have heaping amounts of both! From the minute this story starts you know you are in for a pulse pounding intense ride that doesn’t let up until you reach the final pages.


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