Review: Uncontrollable Temptations By Janine Infante Bosco

Review: Uncontrollable Temptations By: Janine Infante Black

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This story begins with a heartbreaking look into Jack ‘Bulldog’ Parr’s past and what becomes part of the catalyst to his journey of vengeance and healing (i know those things don’t go together usually but stick with me on this). He’s is the uncontrollable force of nature that has came up in a rough area and then joined a MC to become someone only talked about in hushed tones. An outlaw, a biker, who some people might call a monster. But who is just misunderstood.  He lives by different rules where loyalty and family is not always determined by blood

After he becomes president of the club Jack tries to get them free of some of the illegal activities they are involved in all while planning a vengeance mission to avenge his brother’s death. Part of this is watches this waitress Reina who might be just the ticket to unraveling all the pain and loss he has suffered. She has a hidden connection to his past this is revealed in a round about way, throughout this dark story there are rays of light and hope that there is more for both of these wounded people than just merely getting through the day. There are things to be living for. There are some twists and turns during the course of this story. Some I could tell were going to happen but some definitely took me by surprise!

This book functions pretty well as a standalone even though it is book 3 in the series. I had not read the previous 2 books before picking this one up yet I did not feel lost in the story at all.


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