Review: Undo Me (Good Ol’ Boys #3) By: M. Robinson

Review: Undo Me (Good Ol’ Boys #3) By: M. Robinson

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You would think that by the time you are 3 books into a series that there would be a little bit of a slump but with Undo Me M. Robinson shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Each book in this series has been amazing. This book starts out way more intense than the others and proves that in book 3 all bets are off! Dylan and Aubrey have a complicated relationship we knew that from what we have seen in the other books but you have no idea the level of angst and just pure emotion you experience by reading their story. After an intense few opening pages we go back to the beginning when Aubrey was a spitfire freshman calling Dylan out on all his bs in high school and moves through their past and up into their future. Dylan tells her once “You make life, Aubrey, it doesn’t make you.” and truer words were never spoken. Through all their ups and downs there remains one constant truth that they are fated to be together (not in some corny Hallmark movie way but in this they were made for each other at a base molecular level) 2 characters with fiery personalities  generally make for some sparks but with these 2 we have a 4 alarm fire!

Some of the more memorable moments and the ones that stuck out the most for me are full of snarky quick witted comebacks and the fact that Aubrey never backs up or down and Dylan respects that quality about her almost as much as it drives him crazy. Their back and forth eventually leads them to starting a relationship and every thing is going along beautifully until one phone call and everything shatters and the pages that follow are some of the most difficult of the series.

The dark times seem to stretch on and I actually had to set my eReader down a few times and take a step back it was too difficult to not be overly affected by the story. You find out some shocking truths and in typical M. Style there is no precursor, no beating around the bush. Just boom! Truth explosion.

Once you get to the conclusion there is nothing sweeter. Yes, I wanted to smack Dylan more than a few times toward the end but he redeemed himself in spectacular fashion. I had a more than a few tears streaming down at the end of the book and I can say with this book she has made me a life long fan. I adore this series.


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