Review: Out Of Focus By: L.B. Simmons

Review: Out Of Focus By: L.B. Simmons

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This book is one of those that you think about long after you close the book. Cassie and Spencer are both characters who are beautifully broken but who deal with things very differently. Friends since they were growing up they know most of the ins and outs of each other’s respective pasts. When we pick up the story we see Spencer is still keeping a eye out for her lost love Dalton — who has been missing for 5 years and Cassie is indulging in dangerous behaviors just to try and dull the pain that resulted from a childhood trauma.

Not to sugar coat it but some of this book is difficult to read and thankfully L.B. writes all of this story with the sensitivity it needs. There isn’t a lot of gratutious details which I was really thankful for otherwise I might have not been able to finish it. The strength in this story is their friendship and how supportive these ladies are. I love stories with a solid best friend relationship.

There is a love story aspect to this story as well (duh!) And it is beautiful to see how these men are exactly what these 2 need at this point in their lives. Their road to romance stories are unorthodox definitely but its these stories that make this book tower head and shoulders above most of the romance novels published this year. Its gritty and real and unflinching in its scope of delving into how things that happen while we are young can still affect us years down the road. 

I am a fan of a good epilogue, not ashamed to admit that usually the epilogue is my favorite part of a book I fall In love with. I want to know more about my favorite characters!  This epilogue is one of my favorites of all time! It just pulls everything together and lets us know how everything is going now for our couples and the people who love them. 


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