Review: Open Hearts By: Erin Hayes

Review: Open Hearts By: Erin Hayes

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I have been a huge fan of Erin’s work since I read I’d Rather Be A Witch last year! So I knew with this story we were going to get a quirky unorthodox story with some awesome characters.  What I wasn’t quite expecting was all the intense feels this book inspired or the questions it raised. All of Becks questions and those moments of survivors guilt that she enjoys a fuller life now due to someone else’s tragedy were ones that make you set down the book and go what if? What if this was my reality and how would I deal with it? On a personal level I could relate to this story because I have heart problems myself and have since I was a little kid. Thankfully, its never gotten serious enough to where I needed a transplant! But when you face problems like Becks is experiencing its pretty natural to have those questions. I love the journey she takes in this story. Even though there are some ups and downs its a very real journey that people take.

Then we have Rhys! — he was completely unique all in his own right and from the first time we see him as a little boy it was completely heartbreaking!  Like I was wiping tears away within the first few pages.  Later when we see him on the Triumph racing away from everything that bothers him you sense he values the freedom of the open road. Becks first run in with him was adorably awkward but hilarious all the same and that’s when you know this isn’t going to be your run of the mill romance novel. Its deeper than that!

With these characters (just like in all her other books!) Erin gives us these full of    life quirky characters that are not perfect but with their imperfections and doubts and questions it makes them the most memorable. Typically I read over   300 books a year so I meet a lot of different characters haha and some you forget but some stick in your soul. That is definitely where Becks and Rhys live


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