Review: Elastic Hearts By: Mary Catherine Gebhard

Review: Elastic Hearts By: Mary Catherine Gebhard

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What a story! There is some dark subject matter in this book and thankfully Mary Catherine deals with it sensitively but also does not hold back when dealing with what someone who has survived assault thinks in the minutes, hours, days afterward. Nami is a strong female character, even in the times that she thinks she is weak or too wrapped up in thoughts of vengeance to be strong she definitely is and this is a story about her journey of healing and regaining her sense of self. There is a love story component to this book but like in most books by this author the insta love is not a primary singular focus which is one of the reasons I continually come back to reading her books. I mean don’t get me wrong I adore a insta love story where the romance is the entire story. But with Mary Catherine’s books we get these amazing female empowering stories to where the story is just as much about a woman discovering what she wants and needs and becoming strong all on her own. In Law we get a hero who is a little quirky and a little mysterious. I almost got a creeper vibe at first but within a couple of pages after we meet him you get that resolved and realize that he is going to be an important part of the story. He’s snarky and more than a little sarcastic and PUSHY! haha but usually in a way that makes Nami pause to consider what he is saying (and sometimes do completely the opposite, she’s a girl after my own heart on that one!) But he’s pretty smart and helps her learn that vengeance isn’t everything. I really enjoyed Raskol (Nami’s furry companion) he was a awesome little dog haha kind of reminded me of mine. When something tramautic happens to you sometimes finding something to nurture helps you heal and begin dealing with life again instead of just shutting down so I love those little moments with him.


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