Review: Salted (A Lacey Luzzi’s Mafia Mystery) By: Gina LaManna

Review: Salted ( A Lacey Luzzi Mafia Mystery Novel) By: Gina LaManna Amazon Link:


This book is another laugh a minute romp with our favorite characters and each book in the series just keeps getting better and better! haha we see a lot of things come to pass in this story (including a trip to the spa for our 2 besties Lacey and Meg: With hilarious results I might add, and even poor Clay gets in on the spa actions — albeit quite unwillingly!) 

Carlos’s jobs for Lacey keep getting more and more intense as we progress through the series and you gotta give our girl props she has one heck of an unorthodox way of getting results! and generally needs Anthony’s assistance for the dangerous stuff but she totally rocks this whole working for the mob thing. The sense of family is even stronger in this book as we see Lacey becoming more and more used to having this raucous group of people having her back. (And finding new ways to dodge Nora’s cookies! Self-preservation at its finest)

The tension between Lacey and Anthony is even more extreme and you can cut the tension with a knife almost! I really like them together haha. She drives him crazy with how she takes risks and dosen’t always think everything through and make a plan before she goes out investigating but somehow he  always 2 steps ahead and knows the best way to be of assistance 😉 but she tries her best to get him to loosen up and just go with it so if gives them this sort  opposites attract kind of relationship and it definitely makes them one of my favorite couples (who are not quite a couple yet haha) 

The situations keep getting more intense and dare I say it? Cinematic in scope in these stories and this one is the best yet! It really showed off Gina’s ability to bring the readers into the story and gives us the clearest picture of what is going on and keeps us enraptured until the very end haha. I always know that with her books when I finish the last page i’m gonna have this moment where you are just sitting there blinking and trying to readjust to the real world again! ( not gonna lie, sometimes it takes me a little bit haha you feel like you got ripped out of this place that you weren’t quite ready to leave yet) 


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