Review: One Little Wish By: Gina LaManna

Review: One Little Wish By: Gina LaManna Amazon Link:


Gina is one of my lucky stars authors! I found her books last year and I have been ravenously  picking up her books trying to get caught up on her awesomeness haha I was a little hesitant about starting a new series ( I know silly right?! But before this book I had only read books in the Lacey Luzzi series and was like umm no Lacey? No Meg? But I wanna hear more from my friends!) But I was worried needlessly because I adore this new series! In begins simply enough but if you have read any  Gina’s other books you know its going to be anything but simple haha. Scarlett is having a run of bad luck of sorts and her involvement with Mack isn’t making life any easier for her haha at least so we think at first 😉 

This story has a lot of mystery elements and I really enjoyed that part of it! It reminds me of the Rose Gardiner Series By: Denise Grover Swank in a way so immediately I was enraptured in the story and I did want to put my book down haha (happens sometimes but usually I can talk myself into just short breaks to let the dogs out. . . Start laundry. . . Etc) but with this story I let the dogs out and still stood there reading on my phone out at the picnic table while they finished playing, called my fiance because  couldn’t take time to make dinner (he’s such a sweetheart when this happens! Best sort of man for a book worm let me tell you!) 

Scarlett is a girl who is just floating by in a small dusty Texas town — same town she grew up in, reunion day  is coming when all the locals who  moved off come home to roost including her best friend Noelle (that scene in church made me giggle snort because its something I might do haha) and none other than the boy she has been trying for over 10 years to forget — Mack Montgomery — Hollywood’s finest stunt driver and Scarlett’s former flame. Ohh life in a small town people begin spreading their own version of events and most think Scarlett is to blame. Its up to Mack and Noelle and Scarlett to get down to the truth and have some epic shenanigans along the way! 

Gina perfectly encapsulates life in  small southern town. It feels like this story is completely plausible in the town I call home these days. Right down to the gossip in the local cafe haha. I think one of my favorite scenes in the book takes place there when Book Club  is in session and Noelle decides to join in and they almost rope Mack in to read-a- long time 😉 the farther we get into the story the more the mystery deepens and Scarlett (FINALLY!) gets some answers from Mack and we find out exactly what the heck is going on in this small town. This reunion day is gonna keep the rumor mill happily buzzing with material for years to come. 

 The last couple chapters in this book gave me the warm fuzzies and made me smile so much my face hurt haha. I love everything about this story! I’m not gonna spoil the end  for you guys but it was adorable. I absolutely cannot wait for book 2 in this series. 


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