Review: Havoc (Storm MC) By: Nina Levine

Review: Havoc By: Nina Levine

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So this book is a part of the Storm MC series and essential for fans  that series and the MC romance genre! The Storm MC series was my first introduction to these kind of books and  I have read a few others since but Nina is still my go to author when I want a good MC romance. With Havoc she gives us another unforgettable character!

And of course when you have a unforgettable hero he needs a counterpart that suits him and with Carla we have his perfect match.She is sassy and snarky and one  my favorite heroines of Nina’s, she quickly turns Havoc’s world upside down. She knows a little about the MC world from her brother so she fits right in. He quickly moves on from regarding her as a one night hook up and goes straight to the fight with himself to walk the line of wanting to be the knight in shining chrome and letting her be independent (which you can tell is very important for her) 

There is also the usual drama for the MC and Havoc is the fixer, so he has to go to Sydney to deal with some drama and asks Carla to go with him which leads to a lot of steamy times 😉 but there is a side of danger along with it. As the story progresses each of them are trying to fight the feeling that they could be more but circumstances keep getting in the way. 

My favorite passage in this story sums up how I feel about love these daysMoving my face close to his, I nodded. “It’s this feeling of being overwhelmed, of being so thankful for this and yet being unsure of where it will end up and hoping it won’t ever end, but knowing if it does, that you’ll have done everything you could to try and force a different outcome. It’s a rush of need, feeling like you can’t ever have enough or be close enough, and wanting it all right now in case you miss out on it later. It’s happiness that s*** went down in life because it led us here, to each other, and for being so f****** glad that plans got f***** up even though at the time it sucked.”I paused to take a deep breath. “And it’s relief to have found my person, the one who accepts me in all my screwed-up glory and loves me in spite of it. My soul mate.”

With those words Nina gives us a beautiful moment between these two and also my favorite moment in the series. Its passages like these that keep me coming back again and again! 


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