Review: Palm South University- Season Two: Episode One By: Kandi Steiner

Review: Palm South University- Season Two: Episode One By: Kandi Steiner

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Picking up spring semester after all the drama that closed out season one PSU is back and hotter, angstier and even more shocking than before! Ohh where to start on this one. . . Just when you think Kandi is gonna take it easy on you for the opening episode of the new season you get an episode like this haha. WOW! Is all I have to say.

I loved seeing Bear in a much better mood and his 21st birthday was definitely a night to remember for more than one person. Sky and the rest of the girls are already looking forward to Spring Break but still dealing with rehashing what everybody was doing over break (and maybe who everybody was doing over break haha) 

After the fiasco last season Cassie starts out the season swearing off men. . . So of course fate has other plans for her hehe (isn’t that always how it goes? You make a pact. . . Try to stay strong then boom! Hello gorgeous! Happened to me so I feel for Cass on this one. . . In my case I ended up with the love of my life so I have no complaints! Ironically it was with a guy with a beard who plays the guitar too haha so I hope Cassie gets a HEA this season) 

There are a whole new set of secrets this season and we get inklings of them in this episode! Including a major jaw dropper at the end of the episode that you are gonna be freaking out about! (Still freaking out over here! and thanking my lucky stars that I have a early copy of episode 2. . . Because holy guacamole! That came out of nowhere. .  . ) all in all this season is gonna be hot and about a bazillion times more intense and jaw dropping than last season. Hold on tight and welcome back to PSU!


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