Review: Redemptive By: Jay McLean

Review: Redemptive (Combative Trilogy #2) By: Jay McLean

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One thing out of a million things I love about Jay’s books is she gives us these characters that are so complex that it takes you until the end of the story to understand all the little quirks in their personality. With Nate and Bailey we get a story about 2 people that are about as perfectly imperfect as you can get. Each of them have tramautic moments in their past that they are trying to recover from and somehow the have recognized that in each other — almost before they interact its like a thread is pullng them together and it gets intense! 

In this story Jay gives us another layer to her talent. We knew with Combative that she could give us this gritty, secretive mystery kind  story with characters that you don’t know a lot about. In Redemptive — the mystery deepens and we get the perfect blend of the heartbreaking and adorable along with the mystery. Its the perfect combination of her books haha. 

We also get a story about a character who is struggling with a disease I know quite a bit about as I have been a Diabetic for almost 29 years so it was an interesting part of the storyline for me. The parts where Nate is making sure she eats and takes her meds on time really endeared him to me because in novels if a character has diabetes they don’t mention the day to day routine or if other people are involved with their care. Usually its mentioned once and never again in the course  of the story haha its not a curse! We can talk about it people, you are not gonna catch it from reading about it promise 🙂

Now you get all the way through this story, you think you might know how its gonna end! And. . . . The rug gets pulled out! Holy bookworm mind bend!! I left this story with just 2 thoughts– 1. Jay is a master of giving me a book hangover! (Seriously! Like hardcore!) And 2. I need the final piece of this trilogy like now — because I know the conclusion is gonna rock my world! 


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