Review: Freeing Destiny By: Faith Andrews

Review: Freeing Destiny By: Faith AndrewsAmazon Link:


Okay, let’s open this review up with this! I adore everything Faith writes haha if you want an original, heartwarming, but still a little on theSteamy side she is definitely your go to author! But with Freeing Destiny she ups her game yet again, Stella and Jack’s story we get this kaleidoscope of moments, some shimmering and perfect and some darker pieces (just to lend to the feel that this is a real life story and nothing is perfect!) But everything comes together in an absolutely perfect and unique design. 

Stella is this strong minded character haha despite the urging of her sister and best friend she is still single and still a virgin — I like that part of her character and how she describes why she is still one at the age of twenty-one, I think its pretty important to have characters like these to let other women know they don’t have to give it away just to get rid of the title. There isn’t something wrong with still being a virgin at 21, just like there isn’t anything wrong with not being a virgin at 21, its up to each woman when she thinks its the right time. 

Now back to the story! I think the lead up to Jack and Stella’s first date is probably one of my favorite moments in the book, there are these hilarious awkward moments that each experience beforehand thanks to family butting in and wanting all the details but once she runs to his jeep like she is on fire its true romance novel magic! I love the journey these two take, and that is just one of the many reasons why Freeing Destiny is going to be one of the most memorable romance reads of the year! 


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