Review: Set In Burns (Morningstars #3) By: Sam Destiny

Review: Set In Burns (Morningstars #3) By: Sam Destiny

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Picking up with Maya trying to rescue the Origin from the Wolves, she runs into Lucas – a warrior who has experienced the worst loss a mated vampire can. . . The loss of his Origin, he agrees to keep Maya safe until she completes her mission haha our headstrong queen lines him and the twins out as well about her staying in a dangerous situation. She is so snarky and sarcastic and it is amazing I remember in book one where she was not sure how to wield her power as a queen or stand up (quite this much!) For herself and now she is a tough cookie! Dosen’t matter if its her mates or any of the warriors she will tell them exactly what she thinks and her commands will be carried out. 

Lucas is such an interesting character, he has gone through so much pain and now he is closed off and has a huge chip on his shoulder! But he has a huge turnaround once Maya clues him in that

Despite his loss that the girl they are trying to rescue has been predestined to be his Origin. 

Sarah has been through torture at the hands of the wolf pack to keep her family safe but once she learns that she is something more and that there is a way out she is almost afraid to take it, afraid to believe its true. The story between her and Lucas is intense! They both have things that they need to move on from but its not easy and I love that how Sam translates their emotions to the page. 

We get some really nice moments for Maya and the twins in this story as well as some closure for a certain storyline but as the epilogue shows things might not be quite as it seems. With this newest story in this awesome series Sam has given us an additional layer to the mythology and another brilliant couple! The next book in the series is going to be equally if not more amazing.


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