Review: S’mored (Lacey Luzzi Mafia Mystery) By: Gina LaManna

Review: S’mored (A Lacey Luzzi Mafia Mystery) By: Gina LaManna 

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What happens when our favorite mobsterista goes on vacation? Trying to corral Meg from not burning up Lacey’s work credit card with a shopping trip, a huge transition in the dynamic between Lacey and Anthony and oh yeah! A body in the trunk of the Lumina. . . One thing I can say is Lacey and the gang are gonna need a vacation to recover from their vacation haha. 

The feel of this story is a little different. It takes us out of the city and into a small town, and it sets the stage for lots of cute moments with Lacey and Anthony! I am seriously applauding Gina on creating my all time favorite literary couple, I love them together! We are getting all of the new relationship warm fuzzies, the should I call or shouldn’t I call times, the snuggle bug times, but also the trying to go from 2 single people flirting to being a couple and learning how to navigate this new relationship.

Lacey is starting to make a name for herself and people are starting to worry that this mystery may be a direct message to her! I mean psh . . . Nothing says good job at work like a dead guy in your trunk face down in some desiccated Taco Bell haha. And during the course of the story Lacey also gets some important info about her mom’s past which I have been dying to know more about since I started book one of this series. 

The last couple chapters of this mystery are absolutely jaw dropping and I loved every minute of them and the rest of this book and series! Lacey is one of my favorite female heroines of all time! This series truly has something for everyone a mystery element, some intense action, some schmexy tension between Lacey and Anthony, a girls against the world feel for Lacey and Meg’s friendship and a sense of family. All the elements for a amazing read!


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